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How old does my child have to be to play Recreational Soccer for FYSL?


FYSL offers recreational soccer programs for Pee Wee's through U16.  The "U" means they are Under a certain age as of July 31st of a given year.  The age group they are eligible for is from August 1st to July 31st (not calendar year).  Therefore, if a player is returning from the Fall season, they will be assigned to the same age group in the Spring.


Is my child old enough to play in the FYSL recreational league?


We begin our year with the Fall Season mid August.  Children that are 3 years old on or before July 31st are eligible to play in the Pee Wee age group.  Children that have turned 4 years old on or before July 31st  play in the U5 age group.  For additional age groups, Cal South provides a handy tool to help parents determine the proper age bracket for their child to play in.  Age Matrix Chart


Can my child play in a younger division ("play down")?


Playing down is only permitted with special physical or mental needs and must be approved by Cal South.  Please email FYSL for such requests:


When is registration for recreational Soccer?


Fall Season - registration dates will be scheduled June - season opens middle of August

Winter Arena - registration dates will be scheduled in November - season opens first of January.

Spring Season - registration dates will be scheduled in January - season opens middle of March.

Keep these dates in mind and check our website often for updated posts and events.


Can I register late?


Registrations received after posted deadlines are subject to a 20.00 late fee.  If teams have already been formed,

a late registration will only be accepted if there is an opening in your childs age division.  If a particular age division is full, we will form a wait list and contact you if an opening becomes available.


Is the program "age pure"?


The program is age pure U5 through U8, however we have combined age groups in prior seasons to enable us to play gender pure.

Each season, the number of registered players determines team structure.  Above U8, teams are always combined in two year increments:  U9/U10 to play U10, U11/U12 to play U12 and so on.


Why can't I choose who I want to be on a team with?


Unfortunately, when coaches, players and/or parents start choosing up whole teams, the teams can become unbalanced-which isn't much fun and defeats the purpose of our recreational program.  One of the benefits of recreational soccer is making new friends, experiencing new coaches and new techniques.  Therefore, FYSL does not accept any requests for player placement on a team.  The only players that may remain on a specific team together will be children of the Head Coach and Assistant Coach.


What is there aren't enough children registered in a particular age division to form enough teams for a gaming season?


Every season we try our best to keep our team divisions "Gender Pure".  However, if we do not have evough girls or boys to form sufficient teams, we will combine and play co-ed.  We try to do everything possible to find a solution before implemening the co-ed option.  In the past, neighboring community leagues who are playing gender pure have opened the door for Fallbrook to play interleague.  2014 our U14 division played in a tri-city interleague program with San Marcos and Vista which proved to be exciting and successful. 


Who decides when and where practices are held?


One of the benefits of coaching is getting to select when to hold practices.  A coach will have one or two practices per week between sixty to ninety minutes (length depends on age) between the hours of 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm at one of the local schools that FYSL has reserved for the season.


What happens during the event of inclement weather?


If the weather is questionable, or there was heavy rain anytime within the 48-72 hours prior to your game, please check the "Ingold Field" status area on the left column of our home page or call our hotline number, 760-529-0909.  The hotline will be updated by 7:15 am on Saturdays.  If there is no message on the hotline indicating a change in schedule due to bad weather or field conditions, please assume that the game as scheduled remains in place.  On game day, if the weather worsens, the referee may be forced to make a call, at their discretion, upon arrival to the field. 


What is the refund policy?


FYSL has a no refund policy with the following being the ONLY exceptions;  the player becomes injured to the point that they cannot play the remainder of the season and presents a doctor's note to the league.  In which case, the refund will be prorated for the remaining sessions the player cannot attend.  The other exception is if the season has begun and we are still unable to place your child on a team by the start of the season.


How will I receive my uniform?


Uniforms will be distributed to you through your coach.


Do I need to buy soccer cleats?


Cleats are not mandatory in recreational soccer however the majority of players do wear cleats.  Soccer cleats should have plastic or molded rubber studs.  The studs must not be sharp and cleats with a single stud at the toe

(baseball, football cleats) are illegal for soccer.


What else do I need?


For practices you should have your own soccer ball in the appropriate size (size 3 for Pee Wees through U8, Size 4 for U10 through U12 and size 5 for U13 and above.  Appropriate shin guards are mandatory.  Players without shin guards may not practice or play in games.  Players must always bring water to each practice and game.  Children with orthodontics should consider a mouth guard.  NO jewelry of any kind is permitted.  Earrings must be removed prior to the start of any practice or game; they cannot be taped over.  Plaster or metal casts may not be worn for practices or games.  Soft wraps worn for support are acceptable. 


I have never played soccer.  Can I still coach?


Absolutely!  We rely on adults that want to be involved with their children.  We offer coaching clinics and there are plenty of resources on the web for the beginner coach.


How can I help?


There are many ways for parents to help.  The minimum that we ask is for you to be supportive of your child, the coach of your team and FYSL as a whole.  You could also volunteer to be a head coach, assistant coach or team parent.  Show your support by attending as many games as possible and helping out during practices if the coach asks for assistance.  Every year we need more coaches.  This is a fun and rewarding experience that requires time, but can have a significant impact on the lives of a number of children.  We require all our coaches to attend coaching clinics and also require all coaches to undergo a Live Scan, both expenses covered by FYSL.  If you are interested in helping even more, and can invest time and want to have more responsibility and voice, we have a way!  Our league is run by a hard-working group of volunteers that serve as the Board of Directors.  If you are interested in becoming a Board Member or getting involved on one of our committees, please talk to one of the current Board members.  They are all listed on our site under the "About Us" tab. 


Do you need sponsorships?


Yes, it takes much more money than we take in from registration to run the league. Sponsorships help offset fees paid for field use, equipment, referees, uniforms, field maitenence, insurance, scholarships and more.  Our sponsors our valued partners in our organization and take a "big" part in keeping a youth soccer program running in our local











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